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It is so nice to be connecting with you! I am glad you have found me here. It's not just me that awaits, but I actually have something for you. This gift is special and very dear to my heart as this will serve as the ORIGINAL PEEP token. 


To hit the mint button is EASY. But what does it really mean to be ORIGINAL? Obviously I will not have control on what you do with the token, but this is a great chance to let you know what this is for. This art project will not stand without the community so having these tokens means you're early than the rest and you will know more about the project than anyone else! You will be a pillar of the community. 
I hope this excites you as how it does to me! If you have what it takes to be OP, hit the mint button now! See you in discord. 

P.S. Can you tweet about your experience in this project so far and tag us? Pretty please! 

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